Savannah Fussell

Savannah began her recruiting career straight out of school on the corporate side of the business. This gives her a unique perspective working with Sage Search Partners since she is able to empathize and communicate with clients having walked in their shoes. She likes to form a partnership with her clients that allows her and her team to match top talent that is tailored to not only meet, but exceed the client’s expectations.

When working with candidates, she prides herself on being able to help people find not only a role that fits, but the best all-encompassing opportunity for them based upon what is truly important to them. To do this, she not only gets to know each candidate as a professional, but also as a person. She aims to be an advocate for their success through candid, genuine communication that builds rapport.

Although she specializes in accounting, finance and investment banking recruiting, she has had significant success across several industries: information technology, human resources, creative, sales, marketing, operations and administration.

Savannah was born in Dallas, Texas and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University—WRECK ‘EM.

When she’s not working, she enjoys staying active, witty banter and a good patio.

Savannah Fussell

Recruiting Manager

(214) 814-9666

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