With nearly a century of cumulative experience, our team is comprised of consultants with backgrounds ranging from boutique search firms to international recruiting operations.We hire innovative professionals with entrepreneurial aspirations, allowing us to offer a platform to work smarter, not harder. We value the unique characteristics of each employee and encourage individual contributions to pursue bold ideas without all of the red tape.


  • Clarity
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Discipline
  • Pride & Ownership

Sage Search Partners was founded upon a value system that seemed to not only be lacking in the industry, but what would be essential in creating an environment for top-producers to thrive beyond the common restraints of its competition’s traditional corporate structure.

While our Values are basic, the selection of them and the individual’s choice to carry them out daily are far from the ordinary. We do not believe in a bureaucratic leadership and are not overly concerned with procedure, as it tends to be at the expense of efficiency and a producer’s ability to excel in our marketplace.

With this level of trust in a team environment, each member’s accountability to one another is integral in creating the atmosphere that Sage Search Partners was created to provide.