The consultants at Sage Search Partners are recognized within the financial services recruitment and consulting industry as being the best in the business. We service the accounting, finance and tax platforms by providing permanent and temporary placements of executive professionals and support teams. Our clientele expands from boutique operations to Fortune 100 companies, investment banks and private equity firms.

We pride ourselves on our allegiant business relationships, abilities to efficiently produce desirable results, and most importantly, the values upon which the organization was founded. Our ethics are steadfast, our commitment is unyielding and our competence is unsurpassed.

Sage Search Partners deploys the same methodology to our clients’ search campaigns as we do during our own internal recruitment process. Our talent is finding yours, therefore we employ only the best to distinguish the best.

Sage Search Partners provides comprehensive candidate sourcing and credentialing, which expands beyond the contents of a resume.  Our well-tenured consultants are proficient in engaging passive candidates, ascertain their unique attributes and through a consultative approach, identify a pairing that is mutually advantageous to both the organization and the professional.    Active client engagement and consistent dialogue are integral components of Sage’s search efforts and because of that, we ensure a deeply-rooted partnership when you choose us.